Westmoreland County Crash Data

Contains locations and information about every crash incident reported to the police in Westmoreland County from 2011 to 2015. Fields include injury severity, fatalities, information about the vehicles involved, location information, and factors that may have contributed to the crash. Data is provided by PennDOT and is subject to PennDOT's data privacy restrictions, which are noted in the metadata information section below.

**This data is historical only, but new data can be found on PennDOT's Crash Download Map tool linked in the Resources section.

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Public Access Level Comment

PennDOT does not permit making the date of the crash publicly available. That field has been omitted, although month and day of the week are still included. License plate numbers and emergency dispatch times have also been removed.

Temporal Coverage 2011-01-01/2015-12-31
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Frequency - Data Change Daily
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Data Steward Geoffrey Arnold
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