Pittsburgh Police Arrest Data

Arrest data contains information on people taken into custody by City of Pittsburgh police officers. More serious crimes such as felony offenses are more likely to result in an arrest. However, arrests can occur as a result of other offenses, such as parole violations or a failure to appear for trial. All data is reported at the block/intersection level, with the exception of sex crimes, which are reported at the police zone level.

This dataset only contains information reported by City of Pittsburgh Police. It does not contain information about incidents that solely involve other police departments operating within the city (for example, campus police or Port Authority police).

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ID d809c36f-28fe-40e6-a33e-796f15c66a69
Title Pittsburgh Police Arrest Data
Number of Resources 3
Created Timestamp August 23, 2016, 2:19 PM
Modified Timestamp July 21, 2018, 4:09 AM
License Creative Commons Attribution
Organization City of Pittsburgh
Group/Topic Public Safety & Justice
Department Police Bureau; Department of Public Safety
Public Access Level Comment This data will be updated to reflect the most recent arrest record. It has been generalized to the block level to protect the privacy of those involved. Sex-based offenses are further generalized to the police zone geography. It will not reflect arrests that have been expunged from public record.
Geographic Unit Intersection/Street Segment
Frequency - Data Change Daily
Frequency - Publishing Daily
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