Allegheny County Building Footprint Locations

This dataset contains photogrammetrically compiled roof outlines of buildings. All near orthogonal corners are square. Buildings that are less than 400 square feet are not captured. Special consideration is given to garages that are less than 400 square feet and will be digitized when greater than 200 square feet. Interim rooflines, such as dormers and party walls, as well as minor structures, such as carports, decks, patios, stairs, etc., and impermanent structures, such as sheds, are not shown. Large buildings which appear to house activities that are commercial or industrial in nature are shown as commercial/industrial. Structures that appear to be primarily residential in nature, including hotels and apartment buildings are shown as residential buildings. Structures which appear to be used or owned primarily by governmental, nonprofit, religious, or charitable organizations, or which serve a public function are shown as public buildings. Structures which are closely associated with a larger building, such as a garage, are shown as an out building. Structures which cannot be clearly defined as Industrial/Commercial; Residential; Public; or Out Buildings are flagged as such for later categorization. The classification of buildings is subject to the interpretation from the aerial photography and may not reflect the building’s actual use. Buildings that have an area less than the minimum required size for data capture will occasionally be present in the Geodatabase. Buildings are not removed after they have been digitized and determined to be less than the minimum required size.

Development Notes: Data meets or exceeds map accuracy standards in effect during the spring of 1992 and updated as a result of a flyover in the spring of 2004 and 2015. Original data was derived from aerial photography flown in the spring of 1992 for the eastern half of the County and the spring of 1993 for the western half of the County. Photography was produced at a scale of 1"=1500'. Mapping was stereo digitized at a scale of 1"=200'.

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Coordinate System: Pennsylvania State Plane South Zone 3702; U.S. Survey Foot

This dataset was harvested on a weekly basis from Allegheny County’s GIS data portal ( until approximately February of 2023, when the source dataset disappeared.

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