Allegheny County Air Quality

Air quality data is collected from the Allegheny County Health Department monitors throughout the county. This data must be verified by qualified individuals before it can be considered official. The following data is unverified. This means that any electrical disruption or equipment malfunction can report erroneous monitored data.

For more information about the Health Department's Air Quality Program or to view a live version of the dashboard, please visit the ACHD website:

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The Lawrenceville station reports SO2 measurements in parts per billion (ppb), while all other stations report SO2 measurements in parts per million (ppm). Similarly, the units for CO and NO2 measurements vary from station to station and may change over time. In particular, Flag Plaza measured CO in ppm until 6/21/2019, when a new monitor measuring CO in ppb was installed (Lawrenceville, Parkway East, and Parkway East (Near Road) measure CO in ppb). Harrison Township measures NO2 in ppm, while Parkway East measures NO2 in ppb. As of 2019-05-01, the records in the Hourly Air Quality Data and Daily Air Quality Data have been modified to standardize these units across all stations for each measurement, using the EPA standard (CO: ppm, SO2: ppm, NO*: ppb).

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