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  • Police Incident Blotter (Archive)

    The Police Blotter Archive contains crime incident data after it has been validated and processed to meet Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) standards, published on a nightly basis....
  • Non-Traffic Citations

    Non-traffic citations (NTCs, also known as "summary offenses") document low-level criminal offenses where a law enforcement officer or other authorized official issued a...
  • Police Incident Blotter (30 Day)

    The 30 Day Police Blotter contains the most recent initial crime incident data, updated on a nightly basis. All data is reported at the block/intersection level, with the...
  • City of Pittsburgh Facilities

    City Facility data pulled from the Operations Management System for the Department of Public Works
  • Police Community Outreach

    Community outreach activities attended by Pittsburgh Police Officers, starting from January 1 2016. Includes Zone, Event Name, Location, Date and Time.
  • Police Civil Actions

    Documentation of open police bureau litigation that took place between Jan 1 and Dec 31, 2015.
  • Officer Training

    This dataset shows the time spent by currently active Pittsburgh Police Officers in professional development training. Officers who are no longer employed in the Police Bureau...