Weekly Pennsylvania COVID-19 Vaccinations Stats Archive

Weekly archive of some State of Pennsylvania datasets found in this list: https://data.pa.gov/browse?q=vaccinations

For most of these datasets, the "date_saved" field is the date that the WPRDC pulled the data from the state data portal and the archive combines all the saved records into one table. The exception to this is the "COVID-19 Vaccinations by Day by County of Residence Current Health (archive)" which is already published by the state as an entire history.

The "date_updated" field is based on the date that the "updatedAt" field from the corresponding data.pa.gov dataset. Changes to this field have turned out to not be a good indicator of whether records have updated, which is why we are archiving this data on a weekly basis without regard to the "updatedAt" value. The "date_saved" field is the one you should sort on to see the variation in vaccinations over time.

Most of the source tables have gone through schema changes or expansions. In some cases, we've kept the old archives under a separate resource with something like "[Orphaned Schema]" added to the resource name. In other cases, we've adjusted our schema to accommodate new column names, but there will be a date range during which the new columns have null values because we did not start pulling them until we became aware of them.

Support for Health Equity datasets and tools provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) through their Health Equity Initiative.

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