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pin text

16-character property ID calculated from the block-lot property identifier (block_lot) by the Regional Data Center. For records where it is not possible to determine the property ID from the block-lot identifier, the property ID field is empty. (Note that a property does not have to be a parcel of land. Some liens are on mobile homes.)

block_lot text

The block-lot property identifier for the property being foreclosed on. This is the original format, as recorded by Allegheny County's Department of Court Records.

filing_date date

The date when the original petition for foreclosure was filed.

case_id text

The Department of Court Records' identifier for the foreclosure case. This can be used to look up all of a given foreclosure's filings in the Department of Court Records system (see Since about 2009, case IDs for foreclosures have been split into those that begin with "MG" (home mortgage foreclosures) and those that begin with "GD" (all other mortgage foreclosures). Multiple parcels can be foreclosed on under the same case ID (with each parcel appearing in a separate row in the data table).

municipality text

The name of the city, township, or borough where the property is located.

ward text

If the property is in the City of Pittsburgh, the City of Clariton, the City of Duquesne, or the City of McKeesport, this field gives the ward that the property is in.

docket_type text

Foreclosure dockets consist of a series of entries (beginning with "Complaint" (the initial petition for foreclosure) and including information about the legal proceedings of the case). This field represents the last docket entry as of the date that the data was pulled (some date between August 2017 and the present), so in some cases more entries have been made in the intervening time.

amount float8

The total amount in dollars the mortgage lender is suing the property owner for. At the time of the initial filing, this is the unpaid debt (how much the owner still owes on their mortgage). Later in a foreclosure's history, the value of this field can be 0 if (for instance) the debt has been paid off. In a few instances, this field is empty.

plaintiff text

The entity who holds the mortgage and is suing the property owner for failure to make payments on the property's mortgage. There are cases where multiple plaintiffs are associated with a given foreclosure; in these cases, each plaintiff is listed in a separate row in the data table (with all other information about the foreclosure being the same between the rows).

last_activity date

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