Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Date timestamp Date

Calendar date of inspection

Intersection text Intersection

Location of inspection

City text City

Municipality of location

State text State

State of location

Inspection # text Inspection #

Unique ID

Level text Level
  • 1) Full inspection of the vehicle itself including the interior, exterior, and underneath the vehicle. Inspection of the driver (driver’s documentation and physical ability of the driver, inspection of vehicle’s documents, and inspection of vehicle carrier’s status (company status))
  • 2) Everything included in a Level 1 Inspection, except not underneath the vehicle
  • 3) Inspection of driver, carrier, and vehicle documentation only
OOS-TR text Out of service truck

Y or NULL(blank)

OOS-TL text Out of service trailer

Y or NULL (blank)

OOS-DR text Out of service driver

Y or NULL (blank)

Crash text Crash

Post-crash inspection

Y or NULL (blank)

Weighed text Weighed

Vehicle weighed

Y or NULL (blank)

# of Violations text # of Violations

Total violations

Total Fines text Total Fines

Total amount fined in dollars

Inspector text Inspector

De-identified inspector number

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