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  • This dataset contains the locations of municipal facilities in Allegheny County.
  • In 2021, Allegheny County Economic Development (ACED), in partnership with Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh(URA), completed the a Market Value Analysis (MVA) for Allegheny County. This analysis services as both an update to previous MVA’s commissioned separately by ACED and the URA and combines the MVA...
  • In 2017, the County Department of Economic Development, in conjunction with Reinvestment Fund, completed the 2016 Market Value Analysis (MVA) for Allegheny County. A similar MVA was completed with the Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority in 2016. The Market Value Analysis (MVA) offers an approach for community...
  • Older housing can impact the quality of the occupant's health in a number of ways, including lead exposure, housing quality, and factors that may exacerbate respiratory conditions, like asthma. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau contains Census Tract estimates of housing age, and Allegheny County assessment data...
  • This estimate of the percent of distressed housing units in each Census Tract was prepared using data from the American Community Survey and the Allegheny County Property Assessment database. The estimate was produced by the Reinvestment Fund in their work with the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development.
  • Redlining Maps from the Home Owners Loan Corporation, 1937

    Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center

    Most of the text in this description originally appeared on the Mapping Inequality Website. Robert K. Nelson, LaDale Winling, Richard Marciano, Nathan Connolly, et al., “Mapping Inequality,” American Panorama, ed. Robert K. Nelson and Edward L. Ayers, "HOLC staff members, using data and evaluations organized by...
  • This data was prepared by Rosalie Garfinkle as a course project for LIS 2970 Open Government Data in the Master of Library Program at the University of Pittsburgh. These six historical datasets are transcribed from the annual reports done by the Division of Tenement House Inspection for the Bureau/Department of...
  • Baldwin Borough Parcels

    Baldwin Borough

    Parcel boundaries for all properties in Baldwin Borough
  • Housing Market Value Analysis - Urban Redevelopment Authority

    Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh

    In late 2016, the URA, in conjunction with Reinvestment Fund, completed the 2016 Market Value Analysis (MVA) for the City of Pittsburgh. The Market Value Analysis (MVA) offers an approach for community revitalization; it recommends applying interventions not only to where there is a need for development but also in...
  • Locations of and size of building footprints in Baldwin Borough
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