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  • The Hydrology Feature Dataset contains photogrammetrically compiled water drainage features and structures including rivers, streams, drainage canals, locks, dams, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and mooring cells. Lakes are large standing bodies of water greater than 5 acres in size. Ponds are large standing bodies of...
  • This basins dataset was created to initiate regional watershed approaches with respect to sewer rehabilitation.
  • This dataset demarcates the 52 isolated sub-Watersheds of Allegheny County that drain to single point on the main stem rivers. Created by 3 Rivers 2nd Nature based upon Allegheny County watershed file showing all tributaries of all streams. All tributaries draining to a single point on the river were joined as a...
  • Parcel scale green infrastructure siting and cost effectiveness analysis. You can find more details at the project's website.
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