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  • Signalized intersections operated and maintained by the City of Pittsburgh's Department of Public Works
  • NOTE: This dataset is no longer being updated. For current right-of-way data, see https://data.wprdc.org/dataset/street-closures. Submitted permits which affect the public right of way, including; road openings, machinery, valet parking, traffic obstructions, and more.
  • This traffic-count data is provided by the City of Pittsburgh's Department of Mobility & Infrastructure (DOMI). Counters were deployed as part of traffic studies, including intersection studies, and studies covering where or whether to install speed humps. In some cases, data may have been collected by the...
  • City Traffic Signs

    City of Pittsburgh

    City of Pittsburgh Traffic signs such as; Stop, Stop Ahead, and Yield Signs, and Wayfinder signs. This is an on-going inventory of Signs, as the Department of Public Works is able to update its inventory new sign types will be added. NOTE: The data in this dataset has not updated since 2021 because of a broken data...
  • Baldwin Borough Signs

    Baldwin Borough

    An inventory by location of the signs on Borough of Baldwin roads and properties, such as street signs, traffic signs, and warning signs.
  • City of Pittsburgh Speed Humps

    City of Pittsburgh

    Speed humps installed by the City of Pittsburgh to slow down traffic NOTE: The data in this dataset has not updated since 2021 because of a broken data feed. We're working to fix it.
  • Allegheny County Crash Data

    Allegheny County

    Contains locations and information about every crash incident reported to the police in Allegheny County from 2004 to 2022. Fields include injury severity, fatalities, information about the vehicles involved, location information, and factors that may have contributed to the crash. Data is provided by PennDOT and is...
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