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  • Authoritative dataset of the beltway system in Allegheny County. The system was developed to help motorists navigate through Allegheny County on low-traffic roads. The belts are arranged in concentric circles and color-coded red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. If viewing this description on the Western...
  • This dataset shows the roads owned by Allegheny County. If viewing this description on the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center’s open data portal (http://www.wprdc.org), this dataset is harvested on a weekly basis from Allegheny County’s GIS data portal (http://openac.alcogis.opendata.arcgis.com/). The full...
  • NOTE: This dataset is no longer being updated. For current right-of-way data, see https://data.wprdc.org/dataset/street-closures. Submitted permits which affect the public right of way, including; road openings, machinery, valet parking, traffic obstructions, and more.
  • In Pittsburgh, Autonomous Vehicle (AV) companies have been testing autonomous vehicles since September 2016. However, the tech is new, and there have been some high-profile behavior that we believe warrants a larger conversation. So in early 2017, we set out to design a survey to see both how BikePGH donor-members,...
  • City of Pittsburgh Speed Humps

    City of Pittsburgh

    Speed humps installed by the City of Pittsburgh to slow down traffic NOTE: The data in this dataset has not updated since 2021 because of a broken data feed. We're working to fix it.
  • A mile by mile breakdown of the on-street bicycle pavement markings installed within the City of Pittsburgh. These include bike lanes, shared lane markings (sharrows), and protected bike lanes.
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