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  • Aggregated Parking Transactions

    Pittsburgh Parking Authority

    This dataset records Pittsburgh Parking Authority parking transactions for street parking and parking lots, aggregated in ten-minute bins by parking zone. Each row includes the start and end times of the ten-minute bin, the parking zone or lot, the number of transactions, and the payments made during that time span....
  • Incidents of fire responded to by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire.
  • Green Infrastructure projects catalogued by 3RWW and partner organizations. This is a living dataset - updates are being made regularly by 3RWW staff and partner orgs. Most information has been verified, but there is always a chance that records may become outdated; please confirm before relying on this dataset for...
  • Neighborhoods

    City of Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh Neighborhoods
  • Pittsburgh Regional Transit Transit Stops

    Pittsburgh Regional Transit

    All transit stops within the Pittsburgh Regional Transit's service area for the 1909 schedule period: 9/1/2019 to 11/23/2019.
  • Pittsburgh Regional Transit Transit Routes

    Pittsburgh Regional Transit

    Shapefiles of Pittsburgh Regional Transit routes. Routes change over time. The 4-digit code corresponds to the "pick" or schedule period of that route; for example, the schedule period beginning in September 2019 is known as the 1909 pick.
  • Files include data for bike lanes, protected bike lanes, trails, bike routes, shared lane markings, cautionary bike routes, and bridge data from the BikePGH Pittsburgh Bike Map. BikePGH developed this map in 2007 and has been publishing it both on paper and online ever since. See: http://bikepgh.org/maps for more info.
  • Allegheny Land Trust GREENPRINT

    Allegheny Land Trust

    ALT’s GREENPRINT methodology involved collecting, compiling, and analyzing a vast set of available data and reports on the region’s land and water resources. GIS technology was applied to processing and integrating information in order to identify lands in Allegheny County with the greatest capacity to perform...
  • Allegheny County Greenways

    Allegheny County

    Greenways data was compiled by the Allegheny Land Trust as a planning effort in the development of Allegheny Places, the Allegheny County Comprehensive Plan. The plan was published in 2008.
  • Identifies opportunity sites throughout the A42, M29, and M16 Sewersheds for stormwater infrastructure that could fulfill both stormwater management needs and support healthy communities and neighborhoods. For more information see Green First Plan website.
  • Combined sewersheds in the City of Pittsburgh. Attribute field identifies sewersheds that were analyzed as part of PWSA's City Wide Green First Plan.
  • Identifies opportunity sites throughout the A41, O27, and M19 Sewersheds for stormwater infrastructure that could fulfill both stormwater management needs and support healthy communities and neighborhoods. For more information see Green First Plan website.
  • Property Data with Geographic Identifiers

    Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center

    These datasets are clones of popular WPRDC datasets from various publishers that have been reverse-geocoded to add geographic identifiers (e.g., municipality and neighborhood). Follow the links in the file descriptions for more information on the original datasets. If you get a timeout error when trying to download...
  • This estimate of the percent of distressed housing units in each Census Tract was prepared using data from the American Community Survey and the Allegheny County Property Assessment database. The estimate was produced by the Reinvestment Fund in their work with the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development.
  • Regional Park-n-Ride Facilities

    Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission

    The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission maintains an inventory of the region’s park-n-ride facilities that contains detailed information for each of the more than 100 park-n-ride facilities located in the 10-county SPC region. The inventory includes facility location, number of parking spaces, ownership...
  • Pittsburgh Regional Transit Park and Rides

    Pittsburgh Regional Transit

    This dataset includes the GIS shapefile for Pittsburgh Regional Transit's Park and Ride facilities. This layer is updated annually or on an as-needed basis as assets change.
  • Parking Purchases (Beta)

    Pittsburgh Parking Authority

    This dataset contains transaction-level records of purchases of parking from the Pittsburgh Parking Authority. Individual transactions are published with information including the zone or meter where the purchase was made, start time of the interval paid for, end time of the interval paid for, purchase time (for...
  • Housing Market Value Analysis - Urban Redevelopment Authority

    Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh

    In late 2016, the URA, in conjunction with Reinvestment Fund, completed the 2016 Market Value Analysis (MVA) for the City of Pittsburgh. The Market Value Analysis (MVA) offers an approach for community revitalization; it recommends applying interventions not only to where there is a need for development but also in...
  • Geocoders

    Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center

    These files contain mappings of various objects to their spatial coordinates for use in geocoding.
  • The Allegheny County 2000-2010 Census Tract Relationship File shows how 2010 Census tracts in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania relate to the 2000 Census tracts. Each record (row) consists of one unique relationship between a 2000 Census tract/2010 Census tract spatial set where a spatial set is the unique area shared...
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