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  • This dataset portrays the boundaries of the County Council Districts in Allegheny County. The dataset is based on municipal boundaries and City of Pittsburgh ward boundaries and was updated as the result of reapportionment in September 2002. It has also been attributed with the current representatives' names. This...
  • Pittsburgh City Boundary

    City of Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh City Boundary
  • This dataset contains street centerlines for vehicular and foot traffic in Allegheny County. Street Centerlines are classified as Primary Road, Secondary Road, Unpaved Road, Limited Access Road, Connecting Road, Jeep Trail, Walkway, Stairway, Alleyway and Unknown. A Primary Road is a street paved with either...
  • Neighborhoods with SNAP Data

    City of Pittsburgh

    Pittsburgh Neighborhoods
  • City Council Districts

    City of Pittsburgh

    This dataset contains two versions of the map of Pittsburgh City Council Districts, the current one (dating from 2022) and an earlier one (dating from 2012), each in multiple formats. For older city council district maps going back to 2022, see https://data.wprdc.org/dataset/pittsburgh-city-council-district-map
  • Allegheny County land use as ascribed to areas of land. The Land Use Feature Dataset contains photogrammetrically compiled information concerning vegetation and limited open areas of ground. The Land Use Feature Dataset contains Woodlands, Nurseries and Orchards, Cultivated Fields and Athletic Fields. Woodlands are...
  • This dataset shows the address points in Allegheny County. Usage The value in the ADDRESS_ID field lets you look up more information about the landmark locations in the Addressing Address Points dataset (https://data.wprdc.org/dataset/allegheny-county-addressing-address-points2), including the geocoordinates (though...
  • This is an Allegheny County extract of the 2021 US Census Blocks downloaded from https://www.census.gov/geographies/mapping-files/time-series/geo/tiger-geodatabase-file.html This dataset is harvested on a periodic basis from Allegheny County’s GIS data portal (https://openac.alcogis.opendata.arcgis.com/). The full...
  • Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Magisterial District Judge office locations. Includes Judge name and areas of coverage. Created August 2014.
  • Map Index Sheets from Block and Lot Grid of Property Assessment and based on aerial photography, showing 1983 datum with solid line and NAD 27 with 5 second grid tics and italicized grid coordinate markers and outlines of map sheet boundaries. Each grid square is 3500 x 4500 feet. Each Index Sheet contains 16...
  • This dataset demarcates the Pennsylvania Senate district boundaries within Allegheny County.
  • The Hydrology Feature Dataset contains photogrammetrically compiled water drainage features and structures including rivers, streams, drainage canals, locks, dams, lakes, ponds, reservoirs and mooring cells. Lakes are large standing bodies of water greater than 5 acres in size. Ponds are large standing bodies of...
  • This dataset contains locations of major rivers that flow through Allegheny County. These shapes have been taken from the Hydrology dataset. The Ohio River, Monongahela River and Allegheny River are coded as Major Rivers.
  • This dataset demarcates stands of trees (coniferous and deciduous) too numerous to plot as individual trees. The area is delineated following a generalized line along the outside edge of tree trunks. Areas are captured if at least one acre in size or of major significance especially in urban areas.
  • This basins dataset was created to initiate regional watershed approaches with respect to sewer rehabilitation.
  • Allegheny County Boundary

    Allegheny County

    This dataset contains the Allegheny County boundary.
  • This dataset portrays cell tower locations as points in Allegheny County. The dataset is based on outbuilding codes in the Property Assessment Parcel Database used to identify cell towers for tax year 2016.
  • This dataset shows the magisterial districts in Allegheny County. This dataset is harvested on a periodic basis from Allegheny County’s GIS data portal (https://openac.alcogis.opendata.arcgis.com/). The full metadata record for this dataset can also be found on Allegheny County’s GIS portal. You can access the...
  • This dataset shows the bridges owned by Allegheny County. If viewing this description on the Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center’s open data portal (http://www.wprdc.org), this dataset is harvested on a weekly basis from Allegheny County’s GIS data portal (http://openac.alcogis.opendata.arcgis.com/). The full...
  • This dataset contains the locations of municipal facilities in Allegheny County.
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