• Open Building Permit

    Building permit data that includes the contractors co name and contact information
    2 months ago
  • Closed Traffic Infrastructure

    Could the city release financial data for infrastructure investments over the years, or perhaps even map where those improvements have been made? I've seen numerous articles in...
    2 months ago
  • Closed City of Pittsburgh Food Procurement Practices, Policies, and Procedures

    The Pittsburgh Food Policy Council is seeking information regarding the city of Pittsburgh's food procurement practices, policies, and procedures. Specifically, we would like to...
    2 months ago
  • Closed Speed limits

    Is it possible to get a shapefile of speed limits in PA, Allegheny county or the city of Pittsburgh? It would be interesting to see where speeds change, the length of road...
    2 months ago
  • Open Pittsburgh Residential Parking Permit Map (RPP)

    This is a map of all Residential Permit Parking Areas in the City of Pittsburgh (though the lines are not always accurate!) Maintained by the Pittsburgh Parking Authority (City...
    3 months ago
  • Closed Pittsburgh pervious and impervious land cover areas

    A layer that identifies land cover across the city as either pervious (parks, grass, woodlands, cemeteries, golf courses, dirt trails etc.) or impervious (paved parking lots,...
    3 months ago
  • Open Sport Attendance Data

    Does the SEA or some other organization have data on the number of attendees at each sporting event (Pirates, Steelers, Penguins, maybe Riverhounds... or concert events) ?...
    4 months ago
  • Closed tag every City of Pittsburgh parcel with neighborhood

    city council publishes a list of city council districts mapped to neighborhoods - - no mention of wards! county publishes a different list of Pittsburgh neighborhoods mapped to...
    6 months ago
  • Closed City of Duquesne

    Looking for feasibility studies or any other surveys in the City of Duquesne or Mon Valley.
    6 months ago
  • Open Request to ACHD Food Safety Enforcement Actions Data

    The data can be found in ACHD's website(http://www.achd.net/food/consumeralerts.html). This is closely related to the existing food inspection data, and I'd like to have more...
    6 months ago